Dark Date is a Norwegian Internet forum. It is a privately owned and operated website that has been serving the online community for years. It is the biggest "alternative" venue on the Internet for goth people, cyberpunks, metal heads, synth junkies and other "creatures" -- living or dead. Dark Date has recently become a part of Zyzlife, because the latter is the only entity on the Internet that understands and has the capacity to preserve the Dark Date way of life. Those who want to join Dark Date will be given access to and be able to choose between different groups. Every group within the community is unique -- each one having its own social network. Members will also be allowed to create their own groups -- by simply clicking and dragging on the space modules, followed by adding the name of the group, as well as images and html.

Changing the design and look of their page is possible too, all they have to do is click on "settings" and then choose the design they want. If they want their chosen design to be applied to all groups, they should tick "overrides the designs in the different communities". If a member wants his or her page to be unique, there are tons of designs that can be used to personalize his/her page with. "My Crypt" basically works like a control panel, with which members are enabled to write a blog, check out other blogs, update their calendars, upload their photos, tag photos of their friends, and many more. To see how their profile pages would appear when viewed by others, they should click on "profile for others". Here, they can move the boxes around as they see fit. If they want to hide a particular box (whether they want to hide it from everyone or from those whom they are not friends with) they need to go to "privacy", which can be accessed under "settings". Once there, they can hide any info they want to keep hidden.

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Dark Date. This is only a fan page.